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, now what's your next bet? hey rusty, couple of men heading for town, looks like they're being chased by a posse. well he better not ride in here, he'll get a hot reception. come on boys. well, you got away this time... but you better not try to come back. ♪ gee that was a close one. you're telling me. phew. who are you? who wants to know? looks stranger, you came here, nobody sent for you. don't mind my friend here, he's a might high strung. to tell you the truth, we're both feeling high strung right now. what about? didn't you see? sheriff and a posse we're after us. oh, well keep talking. well i reckon it's cause we stopped a stage on its way to mineral city. yeah? we didn't stop it to catch a ride. how much you get off the coach? that's just the trouble, that's why my pal here is so sore. just as we had 'em all lined up and reaching for the sky... why a sheriff and a posse come along, so we had to run for it. that's tough. how come the sheriff came along so conveniently? seems like he found a man half dead, tied to a burrow. he was out looking for the men who did it.
. i bet he does, alright. yeah, and i wanna talk to him, too. hank you and i saddle up we're gonna follow this indian. no one comes. only you. now look... you don't think i'd be silly enough to go with you alone, do ya? me think so. you be brave law man, want solve mystery. you're right. maybe he's right, huh? how long of a ride is it? not far for tough, sheriff. maybe two hours away. alright, indian, you lead the way. don't forget any funny business and...hank keep an eye on things till i come back. alright. ♪ ♪ lose the mask, ranger. found the gun sheriff. i can explain. howdy, two gun! jim what the same hell's going on here? who are these people? who's this mask man? what about judge knox shooting? somebody's got a heap of explaining to do. and after the killers knocked me out, changed guns with me... my friend and his indian pal brought me here. it's a very interesting story, jim. what's more interesting maybe, is that you've convinced me, then mask man here, is fighting on the right side of the law. i'm glad you're convinced, sheriff. so butch cavendish, is the judge's mur
are excited. i think i might have my eye on somebody. >> i bet you do. >> you know what i'm saying? >> she's eyeing you. >> we do want to shout out to barbara walters who is at the age of 83 suffering from what we all consider to be a childhood disease of chickenpox. and she's been hospitalized for more than a week. >> you heard that probably -- i guess it was nine days ago she fell down, and there was i think cindy adams said in the new york post today that she actually -- she didn't slip, she fainted. we don't know from barbara, but, anyway, while this was all going on, it turns out that she got the chickenpox, which people say is so rare among even people over 60, so it's got to be one of those things that is -- >> i bet it's painful too. if it's anything like shingles. we send our love to you, barbara. listen, this is a woman who rarely falls, if you know what i'm saying. >> this is one of the more active human beings. >> and strong. >> strong like bull. >> she is strong like bull. >> we have a fun segment coming up, and it's called friend-fluence. we have a quote. here it is. you are
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in the white house would make any dog jealous and wish they were part of the first family. >> i bet he gets to travel any time on that plane. that is pretty nice. >> he would definitely like the big yard. >> why do you think america is so fascinated with him? >> i think it is just life that bo has, the life that he leads is pretty fascinating. >> he is just latest in a long line of presidential pets to capture attention. >> when the first family has a pet, it gives us a way to relate to the first family. that's something that is really endearing. >> arguably the most famous white house resident was george h.w. bush's springer spaniel, milly. her memoir was a best seller. her other was famous for another region. >> they started to know ranger h grew gaining so much weight. >> george w. bush's barney was the first to take the public on a dog's eye view of the white house with his popular barney cam. >> received more than 24 million hits the first day it was launched. >> it is time for barney cam. are you ready for it this year. >> other white house pets have become icons of their area. hoover
much. >> you bet. >> suspect in thursday's school shooting claims he was bullied. 16-year-old accused gunman allegedly was targeting two students at taft wounded high but shot and wounded only one teen. a teacher persuaded the suspect to surrender while other students escaped. the alleged gunman is in custody. >>> facing arraignment after being ordered late thursday to stand trial. defense attorney force james holmes say they are not ready to enter a plea. he is accused of killing 12 people after allegedly opening fire during the opening night of a batman movie back in july. >>> and today, the faa is ordering a comprehensive review of the 787 dreamliner, boeing's most technologically advanced plane after a series of mishaps, including a cracked crock pit window. >>> tearful good by thursday for the first family of south carolina. it was hugs and kisses all around as michael haley, husband of governor nikki haley, was deployed to afghanistan. >>> hudson bay trapped whales may be free this morning after an apparent shift in the ice and winds there. there has been no sight of them this m
so hard and got so dirty in the cleanup, they got nicknamed the mud army. you can bet blah toons of them back in action this afternoon the platoon of volunteers. it will be a massive cleanup. >> thank you so much. >>> now here is matt. >>> savannah thank you. president obama hits the road to talk about immigration reform. the trip comes a day after a bipartisan group of senators unveiled their plan for dealing with the roughly 11 million undocumented people living here in the united states. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker with more. good morning. >> matt, good morning. president obama will give new details to the policies he first mapped out two years ago, and he will call on congress to pass on an immigration reform bill quickly. >> everybody in? >> reporter: president obama putting the spotlight on immigration reform today. a campaign promise echoed in his inaugural address. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> reporter: the president turning up the
in the cleanup that they got nicknamed the mud army. you can bet the platoons of them will be back in action this year, those volunteers. and they'll be needed. it's going to be a massive cleanup, savannah. >> that, it is, sara james for us. thank you. here's matt. >>> traveling to las vegas to talk about immigration reform, president obama's trip comes after a group of bipartisan senators unveiled their plan for dealing with the roughly 11 million undocumented people living here in the united states. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker has more on that. >> reporter: president obama will give new details to the policies he first map ped out to years ago and will call on congress to pass an immigration reform bill quickly. president obama, putting the spotlight on immigrati reform today. a campaign promise echoed in his inaugural address. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> reporter: the president turning up the heat on congress, by taking his case to nevada, where l
talk about pete ro. he bet on sports. >> he broke the rules. >> that's my point. you break the rules of sports. >> i was thinking about o.j. simpson in the hall of fame, he's there because of what he did in the field. if you were picking him based on his character, he would not get in. >> he would not have gotten in. >> that's the point, you get what you did on the field. >> ray lewis was acquitted but up for accessory to a murder years and years ago, interesting to see what happened. >> convicted of obstruction of justice. >> i guarantee you, he will get in. >> vp tv. there is a petition on the white house website that calls for a reality show that follows the life and times of vice president joe biden. they want to see everything he does. let's be honest, this was launched because of a few moments last week. let's watch. >> you've got a million dollar smile. >> there's a lot to smile about. i want you next to me. i want you next to me. if you need any help, let me know. holy mackerel. >> there was a swearing in of members of congress. >> incredible idea, can i be the cameraman? >>
and something else to make it work. you can bet the senate will ask hagel, how will you make it work, senator and he won't have an answer. >> by that time hopefully he will have an answer. colonel jack jacobs. good to see you. savannah. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton returns to capitol hill with heated questions about the terror attack on benghazi, libya. andrea hitmitchell has this sto. >> introduce iing john kerry toe senate confirmation hearing he chaired. it's a safe bet he will get a better reception than the hostile reception they gave hillary clinton on benghazi. after nearly five hours of gruelling testimony, clinton showed rare public emotion talking about the deaths of ambassador chris stevens and three others in benghazi. >> for me, this is not just a matter of policy, it's personal. i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag drape caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters and the lives left alone to raise their children. >> she took the blame for the tragedy. >> i
wouldn't necessarily bet on that but maybe a good predictor of things to come. i'm willie geist and tamron hall. we are in the prep kitchen. i owe you an apology. it smells wonderful, fish and brussel sprouts. >> nothing like the dog food. >> what did he say zbrnchs. >> looks nothing like the dog food on jimmy fallon. >> i thought we were girls. what happened. >> you've only been cooking for a year. >> keep going. >> considering you've been slopping around in a kitchen for a year, loser, thanks. >> too late now, my friend, you're in deep. he's out there for today's friday field trip. natalie with be with the super bowl rivals in baltimore and we're in the kitchen because tamron will whip up a nice meal for us. >> i will share with you because i like you a lot. >> basically i've been cooking for a year. dedicated a lot of time and energy. a friend gave me a cooking class last year and since then, i think i've accomplished something i want to share. >> good. we look forward to it. >> meantime -- my hands are sweating, i'm not kidding you -- did i put on deodorant? it's all nerves
. >> yeah. >> what kind of changes they want to make. >> i bet so many people it's losing weight. they want to lose weight. >> yeah. >> there's actually a new app that's out. is that correct? >> this is a cool thing. this is the kind of deal where you punch in your height, your weight, and how much weight you want to lose over what kind of a period of time, and you type it in this app, and it's called my fit they say this is the number one app for weight loss. it breaks it down to how many calories you need to eat per day to get your goal by whatever time you would like to reach your goal. >> i thought that was cool. >> you don't really have to think about it. you put the info in, and it follows it for you. >> you put your food in. they calculate the calories. you know how many more calories you have before the end and that. i don't think i'm disciplined enough to punch everything in, and i think if i even wrote down what i eat over the course of a day -- >> you would be freaked out. >> i would be disgusted with myself. >> you are not a big eater. >> i am. you know what i'm big on?
canet back to watching people who are skating, not the two of us. >> you can bet that hockey back in the bay area will be thrilled this morning. without hockey, bars and restaurants empty that are usually busy before and after the games. some businesses were down anywhere from 40% to 50% since the lockout began. a number they hope now will turn around. >>> coming up at 7:00, on "today in the bay," a bay area lawmaker who is pushing for stricter gup control gets racist threats. what we know about the threats and how the lawmaker is handling them. that, and all your top stories at 7:00. right now, let's head back to the "today" show. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are fantastic but add some sauce, pepperoni and cheese and fold up the crescent dough...and presto! tuesday night just became crescent pizza pocket-tastic pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >>> we'r
people are wondering bets b what's going to happen. >> justin bieber, this was kind of a surprising picture. there's a photo that tmz had. if you look closely it looks like he is smoking something. >> tmz claims he is smoking marijuana in this picture. >> he is holding something. >> he is holding something in his hand. there's no way you can actually tell what's going on here. however, what's nice news is that a couple of days ago justin did a concert in utah, and before the concert he went to a hospital to see a young fan of his that has been battling leukemia for three years and -- he does not do this because of these pictures. he has been doing this for a long time. he doesn't tell the press about it. the only reason we know is that they took a picture in her hospital room. she put it on facebook. >> his mom, patty is a dear, dear faithful lady who has raised him under really extraordinary circumstances. >> absolutely. >> he knows what's right and wrong, and he said that -- >> he tweeted. >> yeah. >> he is on the right path. we have nothing to worry about there. >> bethenny frank
career. he bet on a game and banned for life. what does he think about lance armstrong's confession. he has a brand-new reality show. >> along with his fiance. kianna. >> let's go inside with natalie with a check on all the headlines. >> good morning again, matt, savannah, al. new developments in algeria. ties to al kade at that took dozens of hostages including americans. 20 hostages including americans escaped but militants are claiming algerian helicopters opened fire killing dozens of hostages and kidnappers. some hostages are still held at the remote gas facility in algeria. >>> boeing's new 787 dreamliner plane is now grounded in the u.s., europe, japan and india. there's concern that a lithium ion battery can overheat and cause a fire. it caused al nippon to make an emergency landing. it's under investigation by the federal aviation administration. >>> president obama is facing gop opposition after unveiling his $500 million gun control package. acting in response to the shooting rampage in newtown, connecticut, the president called on congress to ban the sale of military style w
new year, sweetie. >> i'm going to make some money because i have a bet as to how many you're going to get right. >> this could be complicated, though. >> before we get to the quiz, there was an interesting statistic that showed that young adults actually had more credit card debt than their parents. i find that hard to believe for some reason. >> you shouldn't find that hard to believe because the truth of the matter is they're graduating college with more student loan debt than they have any idea. they don't have a job. they can't pay back their student loan debt. what are they going to do? they're living off of their credit cards, which makes sense. >> let's play. >> and incurring more debt. >> are you ready? >> we are. >> not really. >> drum roll, please. >> come on. >> how much less will your paycheck be this month? >> 4%. >> 2%? 4.2% 6.2%? >> 2%. >> one right. one right. okay. what is the maximum amount that each of you could put into a 401k plan this year? $17,500? $23,000? $30,000? >> $30,000. >> wrong. >> you are at $17,500. you are at $23,000. >> do you know how much i mak
of new york and o'malley are betting their efforts on gun control could propel presidential bids of their own. still the republican field is up in the air. >> america cannot afford four more years of this. >> after parting ways with fox news, sarah palin said she will expand her voice in the national discussion and hasn't shut any doors. and new jersey governor chris christie already friended mark zuckerberg. >> 1,380 days left to go, erica, not that anybody is keeping track. >> only 1386? >> 80. >> thanks. david, good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> we just heard paul ryan, who of course was on your show saying republicans need to avoid being stamped as villains. republicans have to stop being the stupid party. there's a lot of soul searching going on at this point. do you envision the message being much different in 2016 for the republicans? >> well, i think what paul ryan is alluding to is a deeply held view among republican leaders in washington at least that the president is not really done with reelection. he wants to achieve political con kept over the political party.
hard work. >> governor's andrew cuomo and maryland's martin o'malley are betting their ambitious efforts on gun control could propel presidential bids. the republican field is up in the air. >> american cannot afford four more years with this. >> after parting ways with fox news, a source close to sarah palin says she will be expanding her voice in the national discussion and hasn't shut any doors. new jersey governor, chris christie has friending facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. >> only 1386 days left to go. not that anybody is keeping track. >> david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning, erica. we just heard paul ryan. who is on your show today. saying republicans need to avoid being stamped as vil ans. we heard louisiana governor, bobby jindal, saying republicans have to stop being the stupid party. do you envision the message being different in 2016 for the represent ta republicans. >> what paul ryan is alluding to is a deeply held view among republican leaders that the president is not done with re-election. that he wants to achieve political conquest
that coming up. >>> and charlie hustle, pete rose, the legend. his storied baseball career but he bet on the game, now banned for life. so, what does he think about lance armstrong's confession about cheating on the sport he dominated? we are going to talk to pete about that and he has a brand-new reality show. >> his fiancee, kiana. >>> before we goo any further, let's go inside, natalie is standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines. the >> good morning, everyone. >>> algerian officials say half of the 41 foreign hostages being held by islamic mill at that moments in algeria have escaped. some of those who got away are said to be americans. several americans were kidnapped at a natural gas complex where they worked in the sahara desert. the al qaeda-linked militants say they were acting in retaliation for the french operation in mali. >>> boeing's new 787 dreamliner plane is now grounded in the u.s., europe, japan and india. there's concern that a lithium ion battery can overheat and cause a fire. the problematic battery forced a nippon airways plane to make an emerge
. this president's moving too fast. >> john, nice to see you this morning. thank you. >> you bet. >>> and once again, here's lester. >> erica, thanks. >>> the federal government says boeing's new 787 dreamliner is safe to fly even though there have been a series of well-reported problems with the cutting-edge aircraft model this week. it's a humiliating setback for boeing. we get the latest from correspondent tom costello. >> reporter: in san jose friday, the newest 787 dreamliner entered service for japan's nippon airways, the same airline which the same day also reported one of its 787s had developed a crack on a cockpit window. the latest in a string of embarrassments for boeing's state-of-the-art aircraft. the faa says it will conduct a thorough review of its power, electrical and battery systems. >> through it we will look for the root causes of recent events and do everything we can to ensure these events don't happen again. >> reporter: the events have been mounting. on tuesday, a japan airlines 787 had to turn back to the gate after a fuel leak spilled 40 gallons onto the runway in bos
for the moment. thank you so much. >> you bet. >> now here's matt. >>> imagine if you had morme money than just about everybody else in the world, once you got past homes, shopping, cars, doing nice things for your family and your children, what would you do next? microsoft founder bill gates has given it away. donating billions of dollars in an effort to fix what he sees as the biggest problems facing humanity. today he is out with his annual update on the foundation's progress. mr. gates, as i said, it's great to have you here. good morning. >> good morning. >> often times we use millions and billions and they almost lose their meaning. we're talking about your foundation, which has now given away more than $26 billion over the last 18 years. when you look at the way you've spent the money, what makes you the most proud? >> it's amazing how we improved health for the poorest children in the world. in 1990, over 12 million children a year died. now that's down to about 6.9 million. and a lot of that is the vaccine effort that our foundation and governments got behind. we can do more. >> talk a
cycle. john, thanks. >> you bet. >> tomorrow on "today," we're live in washington with coverage of president obama's second inauguration. we hope you'll join us for that. once again, lester? >> roadtrip. thanks. >>> still reeling from repeated sex scandals, the u.s. air force has released a report revealing hundreds of instances of pornography on its bases. the investigation was spurred by a female sergeant who risked her career by stepping forward. here's our national investigative report. >> reporter: at mcdill air force base in tampa, wright air force base in ohio, and more than 100 bases around the world, new orders -- search and destroy pornography. >> the first thing that i knew that i saw was this picture here with the breasts. it says, "how do all fighter pilot songs start?" >> reporter: technical sergeant jennifer smith serves at the elites f-16 squadron in south carolina. her whistleblowing helped trigger a worldwide hunt for "lewd, obscene, or pornographic images" ordered in this memo. >> i was hurt that this is how they let off steam or they viewed women. and it made
confident in a recent interview with nbc's brian williams. >> don't bet against us, brian. don't bet against us. we are constantly innovating, we are constantly looking around the corner. we constantly want to make the world's best products. >> reporter: it is a very tough field. ask blackberry. the shelf life for anything tech cool is about three to six months and globally samsung is expected to sell more smart phones this year than apple. cnbc's tech reporter john forte. >> i would say samsung is achieving a level of cool they hadn't had before. whether they're able to steal apple's thunder remains to be seen. >> reporter: apple versus the android system. >> apple was just a lot easier to use for me. >> i have a samsung galaxy ii. i love it. >> i'm more on the google side of things. >> apple holds a lot of cache with me. >> reporter: cache and cool, when it comes to gadgets, two very important factors. you hear it over again. innovation, innovation. that's how apple stayed on top. savannah, back over to you. >> tom costello, thank you so much. >>> we told you earlier on in the show that we
for "argo." >> 200 mentions of jodi foster. 400,000 mentions of amy and tina. and i bet you they were probably all complimentary. they did a great job. >> i think the reviews should be really good. it's a hard job because you have that big open which everybody judges you on and then for a long period in the show you kind of disappear and leave it up to the celebrity presenters and -- but when they did come back, i thought they had an impact. i thought they had great lines. >> hit that aeir mark. >> globes pretty paired down, not a lot of song and dance. >> seth meyers was out there, helping them out, helping them to write jokes. >> coming up, we'll have more on to write jokes. >> coming up, we'll have more on the standout looks of the golden ♪ ♪ for ages 3 and up the everyday collection. by target. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help r
bit, you can bet, we were all ears. >> wow! >> with that one word, jack and jackie harbaugh said it all, the proud parents of two nfl head coaches who happen to be facing off in sunday's super bowl addressed a sea of reporters and cameras. >> you will ask us how we feel on this historic event. jackie, who has it better than us? nobody! >> and this is like frosting on the cake for our whole family. >> reporter: a long time coming for two brothers and two parents, who wear called the day their eldest son, john, told them he wanted to coach. >> we're having dinner and jackie says, john, what law school will it be? and john said, mom, i think i want to try coaching. jackie went face down into the mashed potatoes. >> reporter: and so followed his little brother, jim and now they're facing off in the ultimate showdown. >> it really is the ultimate showdown. two arch rivals facing each other in the biggest game of the year, especially if it's your brother. >> one guy who knows a thing or two about facing your brother on the football field, last year's super bowl mvp, eli manning. >> wha
to make but they're more of a safe bet. that's why you're seeing another star trek film, another hangover film. hunger games catching fire, the sequel to hunger games that did so well. >> anything starring brad pitt is expected to do well. >> tell the kids i'm coming back. >> tries to protect his family and save the world against a legion of flesh-eating zombies. >> so this is the hobbit. >> look for the hobbit 2 to cap things off later this year. >> i'm going on an adventure! >> they shot all three movies at the same time. the first one came out in december 2012. the next one is december 2013 and the third one is 2014. >> just in time for christmas. a few of the highly anticipated films for the new year. 2013 may turn into the year of the superhero with ironman 3, the lone ranger and the man of steel all battling for those box office dollars. >> jason kennedy, thank you. >>> just ahead, how to go bold in 2013 when it comes to your personal style. first your local news. >> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. here's sarah caldwell. >> new year's day, l
movies that are even. >> reporter: "les miserables" with ann hathaway a good bet for best supporting actress. "silver linings playbook" star bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence could outshine the epic musical. both actors are also nominated for video awards and received oscar nods on thursday. two others looking towards a best actress tat taout at the oscar, the youngest and the oldest nominees ever. 9-year-old quvenzhane wallis for "beasts of the southern wild" and 85-year-old emmanuelle riva. for "amore." back at the globes, the biggest contest of the night could be for best director. >> i think one big surprise would be if ben affleck is able to win best director over steven spielberg, an lee, kathryn bigelow. >> reporter: affleck and biglo were snubbed for nominations in the same category. "breaking bad" is up against pbs' "downton abbey." for best drama. also nominated tina fey and amy poehler. the pair expected to add a bit of a kick to this year's show, as co-hosts. >> we've been practicing and the winner for best actor in a drama is -- >> daniel day-lewis for "avatar." >> lo
correspondent, al roker. >> never bet against al roker. there you go. >> my predecessor, willard scott, actually set the bar. i think it was '88 when he got barbara bush to come over and kiss him. >> can we run the portion of the tape where the vice president -- there's willard back in days gone by. >> he got a kiss. all right, al. >> if you look at the portion where the vice president comes over to you yesterday -- i don't know if we can catch that last little second of it. notice the way, as he gets to you, he spreads his legs apart and braces himself, because he's thinking, this guy could pull me over the barricades. watch how he braces himself there. >> he hedges his bet. >> plants the legs. >> i'm done! >> you know, if he's thinking 2016, that was a bad move. >> it was really cool. you said right after -- you know, you were pretty proud. >> well, you know what? to be acknowledged by the president, handshake from the vice president on martin luther king jr. day, i think, was pretty special. >> in 2009 you got a wave from the president as well. got the love back then. >> i was thinking about
to the cold, folks are -- well, cold. >> you bet ya. >> reporter: the plummeting mercury came as a shock to many northeastern states who were having a warm winter. >> temperatures in maine have dropped more than 75 degrees. >> reporter: a full two-thirds of the country is now pulling out the hats and mittens and it looks like they'll be wearing them, at least until the weekend. and for all you moms and dads out there, take a tip from uncle tibs, albeit a layman's tip, bundle up those kids nice and warm. >> hey, uncle tibs, where's your hat? >> there you go. >> the big kahuna comes out about once every two years. >> wow, that is a serious -- >> i like it like that. that's best like that, kevin. leave it just like that. you look like mickey mouse. >> you're really demonstrating the crazy uncle fashions this morning. glad you decided to make it out here. >> i felt your pain and decided to come out here. >> okay. i'm going to leave. >> all right. let's have one more look at chicago, where that five-story block-long warehouse has been encased in ice. the firefighters finally took the hoses do
hoytwage diet bet and stick have tried to make it fun and competitive. >> okay. everybody, i'm inviting you to -- >> reporter: they offer dieters a chance to milk a game out of weight loss. putting cash up to keep their weight down. >> no one in this office wants to lose. ♪ >> reporter: but losing at least for now is exactly what's on the mind of millions of americans as they work to keep those resolutions well into the new year. >> you know what we need, a good inspiration story. we've got just that for you. want to introduce 28-year-old michelle moore. >> first this is her "before" picture at her heaviest. michelle was 210 pound. she is now just 110 pounds. come on out. >> michelle used to wear a size 18 pants. now she's a size 0. how much of a difference? right there. >> wow. >> come on over. >> thank you. good morning. >> can i tell you something, i'd only seen your before pictures. and you passed us in the hall when we were ready to go out. was only after you walked past, i thought that must be michelle. congratulations. >> thank you very much. the biggest comment i get, people don't
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